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Play Free Casino Games Online at Canadian Casinos

When signing up to an online casino, Canadian gamblers are privy to the most popular casino games.
Here at the Gambling Alliance, we provide casino players with all the best and latest information. Canadian gamblers need to get the best information about all the games on offer.
At an online casino, there’s something for every gambler. Are you looking to hit a big jackpot on the likes of Mega Moolah? Then you’ll love the hundreds of slot game titles available.
If card games are your deal, you will enjoy the Blackjack and Baccarat tables offered at every recommended casino. Plus, they have live dealer options, so they take the best part of playing live and put it online.
Fancy a spin of the Roulette wheel? Forget the hassle of pushing between players to place your bet. At an online casino, you play from the comfort of your own home. You can even play when sipping on a martini on holiday.

Check out our casino games below, where you can play for free or play for real money.


Slots have taken over the online gambling world, and it’s for the greater good. Players can hit big jackpots, and that’s something other casino games can’t offer.
As technology improves, so does the range of slot games available for Canadian gamblers. The improvement over the last ten years has been incredible, and it’s the casino players that reap the rewards.
More welcome bonuses, better graphics, an increased range of games, mobile gambling and more: the evolution of playing online slots has gone to new levels.
Players can enjoy hundreds of slot games at the very best online casinos. Whether you’re a new player enjoying your free spins, or an experienced player looking for a new slot game, we have you covered.
We only recommend the casinos that offer the best slot games, so get spinning!


A favourite of ours and a favourite for most Canadian gamblers, Blackjack is the most popular casino card game.
Even if you have never gambled in your life, you would have heard about Blackjack. It’s the game where you have to beat the dealer and the dealer only.
It’s such a popular game; online casinos have introduced a record number of variances to the game. Players not only get to enjoy the traditional game of Blackjack but now you can play a wide variety of other Blackjack games.
Perfect for online players that don’t like the waiting times Poker presents, Blackjack is a fast-paced card game where you make the decisions.
As always, with casino games, luck is needed. However, Blackjack holds one of the lowest house edges of any casino game. Therefore, it’s perfect for novice gamblers and experienced gamblers alike.
All quality casinos offer Blackjack tables, so if you’re interested in playing online, check out our dedicated Blackjack page.


Roulette presents a literal definition of “spin to win” as players watch the ball roll in the hopes of winning big.
Land-based casinos often run out of the room at their Roulette tables, but that’s where playing online is a dream.
There is no pushing to place your bets on your favourite numbers. It’s just you, the table, and the dealer.
The online experience is even better now, with live dealer technology presenting a casino-like atmosphere. It has taken Roulette to another level, and Canadian gamblers are loving it.
To play Roulette online, you need to sign up for a casino. Once you have done that and received your welcome bonus, try out the Roulette wheel and see if it tickles your fancy.


Playing Baccarat online is now as easy as ever. For a long time, it was considered a land-based casino game that didn’t have much interest, but gamblers are seeing the light.
Not only is it the most straightforward casino card game, but it’s also highly profitable for the gambler. You’re left with only one decision – choosing to bet on the banker or the player.
That’s it… it’s so simple, some gamblers prefer to play games with a bit more skill, like Blackjack. However, for players wanting to have a good time, or learn about how online casinos operate, Baccarat is the way to go.
It’s also one of the quickest games on the market. One hand can be over in a matter of seconds, so it’s not a game for gamblers that like to sit on their hands.
The fast-paced atmosphere of a live casino is brought into the online world via live dealers. All the best casinos offer live dealers for Baccarat games, and we highly recommend them.